Georg Philipp Telemann

Zwei Klavier Sonaten aus Essercizii Musici
(Two Harpsichord Solos from Essercizii Musici)


edited by David Pickett


Georg Philipp TELEMANN (1681 -- 1767) was born in Magdeburg and studied both Music and Law. He was proficient on many instruments. A contemporary of J. S. Bach, he was active in Leipzig, Frankfurt and Hamburg, writing and publishing many compositions both vocal and instrumental.

SOLO VI (TWV 32:3)

1. Largo
2. Allemanda
3. Lura
4. Corrente
5. Minue 1
6. Minue 2
7. Giga



1. Cantab(ile)
2. Bourrée
3. Sarabande
4. Gavotte
5. Passepied
6. Gique

These two suites were written by Telemann for his collection of 24 solo and concerted chamber works, Essercizii Musici, published in 1739 or 1740.

This edition is for the intelligent performer. Intermediate between an original print or facsimile and an edition in modern notation, it is an attempt to transcribe the work with minimal editorial intervention. Its purpose is to enable the performer to play from a notation as close as possible to that of the source, without some of the attendant difficulties of reading from facsimile. There is, of course, no real substitute for the original, since many of the subtleties of the notation are not currently available in computer typesetting; but the present edition has the merit of being affordable.

The clefs used are treble and bass. Accidentals are given as in the source, including "redundant" accidentals. There is a complete editor's report. Page breaks have been arranged so the player can turn pages without disturbing the music.

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