J. S Bach : Italian Concerto


edited by David Pickett


notated in the orginal clefs


This edition of J. S. Bach's Italian Concerto from the second part of his Clavier-Übung is for the intelligent performer. Intermediate between an original print or facsimile and an edition in modern notation, it is an attempt to transcribe the work with minimal editorial intervention. Its purpose is to enable the performer to play from a notation as close as possible to that of the source, without some of the attendant difficulties of reading from facsimile. There is, of course, no real substitute for the original, and many of the subtleties of the notation are not currently available in computer typesetting; but the present edition has the merit of being affordable.

The edition provides practice in reading Bach's original notation, particularly in respect of the alto clef, which in this piece alternates with the bass clef on the lower stave. Accidentals are given as in the source, including "redundant" accidentals. There is a complete editor's report.

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Read from Bach's notation
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