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How We Make Our Scores

We use Sibelius software because we believe it produces the best-looking scores with the least amount of trouble.

We print scores on thick 8.5" x 11" (216 mm x 279 mm) paper at 1200 dpi, using portrait or landscape formats to minimise page turns. We bind them with a GBC DocuBind system with twin loop wire bindings.

Viewing and Playing Scores

Extracts from Fugato Press editions on this website may be viewed and played on your computer using Scorch, which may be downloaded from the Sibelius website.

Because of the low resolution of a computer monitor screen, the scores will not look as fine as they do in real life. The synthesized sounds will probably also not satisfy you; but their purpose is only to give you a rough idea of the musical contents.

Browser Incompatibilities

This website was written to display as intended on Internet Explorer at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Life being as it is in the cyberworld, it is quite likely that your browser may display these pages differently.