Writing and Research

Investigations into the music and activities of the composer Gustav Mahler, particularly his conducting career, form the largest part of my research and writings, and are listed on a separate page (see menu).

I also occasionally write a blog on various themes, including music and technology.

Some of my compositions, arrangements and music editions are published by Fugato Press


A Comparative Study of Rescorings in Beethoven’s Symphonies. In “Cambridge Studies in Performance Practice 4 – Performing Beethoven”, ed. Robin Stowell, Cambridge University Press, 1994.

“...David Pickett’s essay is one of the most refreshing in this collection, tracing with sensitivity and in considerable detail the evolution of rescoring from Wagner to Markevitch...” (George Barth,“Music and Letters")

Jean Sibelius and Finnish Music

The Recordings of the Sibelius Symphonies issued during the Composer’s Lifetime. “Sibelius Now” Conference, Lahti, Finland, September 2005.

Ending and Beginning in Disaster: Sibelius’s Fourth Symphony. In “Sibelius Forum II” – Proceedings from the Third International Jean Sibelius Conference, Helsinki, December 2000.
Published by the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, 2003.

Reflections in a Glass of Pure Spring Water: Sibelius’s Sixth Symphony. Sibelius Forum I – Proceedings from the Second International Jean Sibelius Conference, Helsinki, November 1995. Published by the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki 1998.

Finland’s Contribution to the World of Music. Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Finnish Studies in North America, Bloomington, 1991.

Sibelius with a Foreign Accent: Problems for the non-Finnish Conductor in the Interpretation of the Symphonies of Sibelius, with particular reference to the Third Symphony. Proceedings from the First International Jean Sibelius Conference, August 1990. Published by the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, 1998.

Igor Markevitch

Igor Markevitch: Le sacre est une messe. An edited transcription (in French) of nine lectures on the background, analysis and performance of Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps, with an introduction by David Pickett. (unpublished)

Igor Markevitch: Le paradis perdu. Vocal score. Boosey & Hawkes, 1985.

Edition encyclopédique des neuf symphonies de Beethoven édité par Igor Markevitch. Supervision of the posthumous publication of analytical commentary and score of Symphonies 6–9. Edition van de Velde, 1983.

— also published in German as Die Sinfonien von Ludwig van Beethoven (Historische, analytische und praktische Studien).
Edition Peters, Leipzig 1983

Igor Markevitch: Diskographie. (with Josef Heinzelmann and Alex Visser de Graeff). In “Musik der Zeit – Dokumentation und Studien I". Boosey & Hawkes, 1982.

Igor Markevitch: a Catalogue of Works. (with Bernard Jacobson). Tempo, No.133/4, 1980.

Baroque Music

Exercises in Playing or in Deciphering? A Fresh look at Johann Krieger’s Anmuthige Clavier-Ubung. South-East Historical Keyboard Society (SEHKS) conclave in Bethlehem, PA, March 2002. Early Keyboard Journal, 2010, Vol 25/26.

Audio and Recording

The Creative Use of Basic Audio Technology in the Teaching of the Performing Arts. Thomson Star Teacher Development Conference, Indianapolis, 1995.

The Technical Problems Preventing Accurate Musical Assessment of Recorded Performances. Annual conference of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, Chicago, 1993.

Recording Techniques and their Influence on the Musical Interpretation of Recordings. “Music as a Performing Art” Conference, University of Helsinki, Finland, 1987.

Technical Listening at Surrey University. International Conference on Psycho-acoustics, Warsaw University, Poland, 1982.

Record reviews and a monthly column (Things I Hear). Hi-Fi News and Record Review, 1979–1982

Digital Recording: an Introduction and Guide. Published by the Association of Professional Recording Studios, 1979

A Bruno Walter Discography – Part One: Commercial Recordings: Issued Discs Only. Published by the Bruno Walter Society, USA, 1973. See expanded internet version

A Disc Replay Amplifier: Specifying a Design for High Quality Use. Hi-Fi News, Sept 1970

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